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Allergy Free Cookbook

I have spentthe past thirty years of my professional life treating people with food allergies. The technical and scientific elements of diagnosis and treatment have advanced amazingly in recent years. However, the down-to-earth question of how and what to feed these patients has always been a problem. It has become even more difficult with the tremendous additions to our food supply. Instead of forty to fifty simple foods, our dietary intake now includes a possible 7,000 different foodstuffs, additives, chemicals, and drugs. Little wonder that the allergy diet poses a big problem for the preparer. This book sets out to simplify and clarify. Dr. Yoder has spent many years studying the faults of available foods and diets, looking for suppliers of pure foods and ingredients, and experimenting with food preparation. She shows clearly that one is able to provide a tasty, nutritious, yet safe diet for the allergic patient. This product of Dr. Yoder’s many years of study and work is a marvelous addition to the physician’s tools. The difficult part—providing a diet for diagnosis and for treatment—can be handled expeditiously with this book. If a patient (or parent) can read, he or she should be able to maintain allergy-free nutrition without sacrificing the joy of eating. In fact, Dr. Yoder describes meal preparation in such detail that it sounds as though even I, a kitchen klutz, could do it—and have fun. Allergy-Free Cookingis easy to use because it is well organized. The completeness of the presentation is represented by the thirty recipes in the chapter on cookies, each sounding very original and delicious.

Dr. Yoder has even found intriguing uses for bananas. Dr. Yoder has also given very practical methods for coping with traveling, holidays, and parties, all of which can be trying for the allergic patient. Various chapters describe shopping, substitutions, and precautions. Parents will find these eye-opening ideas a godsend. I have always maintained that the allergic patient does not have to starve to death or be bored to death on an allergy diet. This book is readable proof of my conviction.

I plan to use it extensively. Allergy-Free Cookingcomes at a most opportune time. Estimates suggest that over half of the U.S. population has ingestant problems, many allergic. This book will provide essential information to a great number of patients who probably have been waiting for such a practical book.


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